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Become a Friend of Spohr Gardens

In 2003 a group of women who loved Spohr Gardens decided to start a Friends Group to provide financial support and a volunteer base of workers for the Gardens. The annual Fall Appeal was begun, and people were given the opportunity to donate money and volunteer their time.

This financial support is very important to the Gardens. The Trust is a private 501C3 Charitable Trust; we receive no monies from the Town of Falmouth. Under the terms of the Trust, we may not charge admission, but we may accept donations. Mr. and Mrs. Spohr left a trust fund to maintain the property, but it is not adequate to cover our expenses. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Volunteer help is also needed as we continue to restore the gardens and hold special events. You can help by:

  • Working in the gardens
  • Helping with special events
  • Giving guided tours
  • Offering computer expertise

Become a Friend of Spohr Gardens
Call the Gardens at 508-548-0623
Mail a tax deductible donation  to:
Spohr Gardens
45 Fells Road
Falmouth, MA 02540

Include your name and address
To volunteer, tell us how you would like to help
We’ll put you on our mailing list and / or put you to work